Instantly forward any faxes it receives to your email address 24/7


Online Dedicated Fax2Email

Online Dedicated Fax2email, also known as e-fax, web fax, online fax, internet fax, remote faxing service or Fax2Email is now available. We are now offering enterprise grade Online Dedicated Fax2email with dedicated Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia number that will instantly forward any faxes it receives to your email address 24/7.


What is Online Dedicated Fax2email?

Online Dedicated Fax2email is an Enterprise Grade fax server that is connected directly to Telekom exchange in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This allows us to offer you high quality service and instant provisioning of a private / dedicated incoming Fax number. Having said that, this enable to us promise you 99.995% uptime guarantee of our fax service.

Our Online Dedicated Fax2email is capable to receives up to 60 faxes simultaneously from many senders at a same time therefore we trust your sender will not experience any busy tone when attempting to send you a fax.

Online Dedicated Fax2email converge traditional faxing with Internet. You don’t have to run down the room to check if you have received a fax. All faxes receives at your dedicated fax number will be instantly emailed to you 24/7. Our fax server is connected to 2 distinct Internet service Providers to ensure our service will not suffer to any Fax delivery disruption in the event of ISP failure.

Our Fax Server is continuously monitored by our 24/7 tech support team by our parent company


The Advantages of Hosted Dedicated Virtual Fax Service

All fax receive for a Hosted Dedicated Virtual Fax number will be digitized into pdf format (.pdf) for clarity and then instantly emailed to the rightful recipient.

Online Dedicated Fax2email protects you and the information you receives by ensuring the fax is send to the correct recipient only.

Online Dedicated Fax2email also saves you money by reducing the amount of wastage cause by mass marketers, unsolicited fax and etc as you can now view the content of the fax first before deciding whether you need to print it out or not.

You can easily rename the faxes to relevant file name for more effective storage and archiving. This in turn helps you run your business more efficiently.

All faxes can be easily forwarded via email to another party without incurring any additional cost (Ie: telephone charges).

Hassle free and maintenance free. No need to replenish supplies such as ink or fax paper.

Traditional thermal fax paper produces low quality printout and fades out after some time. Faxes that you choose to print out will remain good for a long time.

No more missing faxes due to misplacing and etc.

If you need another copy of the fax, you can easily re-print it from your digital copy.

You can now receive your faxes wherever you are anytime of the day.

No need to be tied into another long term contract with the Telekom for another telephone line just for your traditional fax machine.

It is actually much cheaper than using traditional fax…considering the fact that you need to pay at least Rp 71.500 per month for a Telekom line rental plus Rp 892.500 line deposit, Electricity to power your fax machines, maintenance and supplies cost.

Each of your organization department or team can have their own dedicated fax number. This reduces missing fax and time for the fax to reach the correct person.